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The following day she was visited by Captain Jex, an acquaintance of her uncle from the West Indies. She returned from making tea to find him unconscious on the floor, with the open box beside him. Holmes and Watson find that Jex has moved on from his Greenwich lodgings, and when they arrive at Furnival's house they find Athelney Jones waiting with the news that Furnival's sister has died there.

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A search of the room reveals the box's occupant. Investigations by Jones reveal that Holmes's chief suspect has been dead for twelve years, and his secondary one for over a year. The case remains unsolved for two years, until a letter arrives from one of the dead men. Watson; Mrs.

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Some weeks later Laetitia, his wife hires a gardener, Dobson, who moves into a cottage in the grounds of Pringle's home, with his wife. Pringle notices another purple handprint on the gardener's cottage wall, and later becomes annoyed that the man seems to be doing no work around the place. One evening, he catches his wife and Dobson in an embrace, although she explains that Dobson has sprained his ankle and she is helping him home. He also becomes concerned at the overly familiar relationship building between his wife and Helen Dobson.

He tries to dismiss the Dobsons, but his wife persuades him not to. Some time later, he again sees a figure in the garden, and later still he receives a letter bearing the purple handprint. The following day, Watson reads of the body of a man, with a bottle of ink in his pocket, found in the Thames near Pringle's home.

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They arrive too late to prevent tragedy, and are unable to prevent the ultimate escape of the villain. Recently, she has heard him talking to himself, and he has appeared distressed after receiving a blank sheet of paper in the mail, which turned out to have a picture of a woman's face, drawn in invisible ink on it.

More recently, he has collapsed after receiving a glazed tile with a similar smiling face on it, and has taken to carrying a revolver. Georgina, herself, has now been attacked in the lane outside the cottage. Holmes and Watson accompany her to Beckenham, where they find Palfreyman missing, and an account of events from his past, left for Georgina to read, involving the search for the tomb of King Pellas II and the goddess Threspotia. The present case concludes in a woodland clearing with two dead bodies, but only one set of footprints leading to it.

Holmes's investigations reveal the tragic connection the events of the past have with the case at hand. Click on these links for publication details of editions used for indexing: short stories novels children's stories. He has received a letter from fourteen-year-old orphan Harriet Borrow, who has been left alone with her brother Edwin in the care of their uncle, at East Harrington Hall, after their Aunt Margaret has gone away.

She says that she fears for her own and her brother's safety.

Holmes recruits the Watsons to accompany him to a meeting with Harriet at the London Library. The children's tutor has been dismissed and a new housekeeper has taken up residence. Her uncle's odious friends are spending more time at the house, and Edwin has seen a witch in the garden. He tells of the sequence of events leading up to his discovery, including a cancelled business trip, a story about pullets, and a spilled drink.

They find the house empty, but for a dead body in the dining room, and an unconscious journalist in the garden. His deductions about its owner prove correct, when they are called upon by Godfrey Townsend, who has been using it in replacement for his own case which he has lost after being abducted by two men claiming to be Scotland Yard officers, apparently on the orders of a tiara-wearing woman.

Holmes quickly links the incident to Ostralici's Circus, where they are put on the path of the villains and the true purpose behind the abduction. He is currently investigating the disappearance of Jack Prentice, a Rotherhithe publican, who took with him a candlestick and left behind a sheet of mysterious symbols. He tells Watson of the man's past as a receiver of stolen goods, and how some of his old associates have recently been seen in the pub.

Michael, son of the Czar's close advisor Count Vorovny, has been accused of murdering a fellow officer, and Holmes and Watson travel to Krasnoi in Russia to investigate. All who know Michael believe him innocent, but no one is able to prove it. A torn banknote and some dead flowers provide the clues Holmes needs to reveal the truth. Woodforde Soames in an archery accident at a weekend party at Buckler's Fold, the country estate of Sir George Kirkman.

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Sign in. Recent updates. Description Details The biggest collection of new Sherlock Holmes stories since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle laid down his pen -- nearly , words of superb fiction featuring the Great Detective by masters of historical crime, including Stephen Baxter, H.

Keating, Michael Moorcock and Amy Myers.

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Almost all the stories here are specially written; the cases presented in the order in which Holmes solved them. The result is a new life of Sherlock Holmes, with a continuous narrative alongside the stories that identifies the 'gaps' in the canon and places the new and hitherto unrecorded cases in sequence.

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Plus an invaluable complete Holmes chronology. Languages English. The biggest collection of new Sherlock Holmes stories since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle laid down his pen -- nearly , words of superb fiction featuring the Great Detective by masters of historical crime, including Stephen Baxter, H.